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2022 Territorial Governor’s Report

Howdy fellow SAWWS Members,

While we were in Arizona this winter I attended the Territorial Governor’s meeting at End of Trail, the SASS World Championship. There was not much new business discussed but someone brought up the question of who owns SASS since the original owners don’t anymore.

I hope everyone had a good winter and you’re all ready for the shooting season.

Misty Moonshine, the CEO of SASS, told us that she is now the sole owner. She sold Founders Ranch in New Mexico, where the head office has been and moved the World SASS Office to Akron Indiana.  She assured everyone that she plans to run SASS the same as it has been.

It was brought up whether to make Winchester ’93s legal again for SASS. For anyone who doesn’t know what the ’93 is, it was the predecessor to the ’97 which has a larger ejection port. The original models were not all that safe.  Coyote Cap designed and imported around 200 of these from China in the ’90s. As there is only 200 in circulation, after much discussion, it was decided they would be still illegal for SASS shooting.

The only other discussion was that now they have decided to be more strict about coming to the line from the loading table. If you come to the line without being called by the timer operator you will receive a stage DQ.

Hope to see you all at Big Bang.

Short Fingered Bill

SAWWS Territorial Governor 

2021 President Report

More of a couple years in review.

Spring 2020 – Covid pulled the reins all the way back this year. Shoots were being canceled all over. Then when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, we heard the news of one of our founders, Chuck McCann (Grey Beard) lost his battle with cancer.

Summer 2020 – Pretty much a right off unfortunately for Saskatoon. Smaller shoots were held at the other clubs

Fall 2020 – Saskatoon finally had a shoot at the end of the season. Regina outdoor season ended. Their indoor shooting could not happen due to Covid.

Spring 2021 – Covid kept things from happening till the end of May.

Summer 2021 – Shoots open up all over so a person could whipe the dust off their guns and pick where to go. In Saskatoon we had our shoot out at Bounty Gulch and Last Gasp. Which was very successful. Short Finger Bill became our New Territorial Governor.

Fall 2021 – The Club Events were alot of fun and went smoothly. Thank You to all the people that work very hard for these Events to happen .A Big shout out to Wild Whiskey Wade for stepping up to be our Match Directorand Forty Creek Bob for fixing our sand trap.

Winter 2021 – Indoor shooting in Regina and Garden Head has begun. We finished off the year with our wind-up at the Western Develop Museum.

That’s All Folks

Happy Trails till next year,

Dr.Pepper (Ian Flowers)

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