Saskatchewan Association of Wild West Shooters (SAWWS)
Cowboy action shooting (CAS) is a competitive shooting sport that originated in Southern California in the 1980’s. CAS is a type of multi-gun match utilizing a combination of handguns, rifle and shotgun in a variety of “Old West themed” courses of fire for time and accuracy.
SAWWS is a SASS affiliated club that organizes matches in the province of Saskatchewan.

Territorial governors have enacted a new rule regarding a cocked lever gun leaving the loading table. Please take a few minutes to read the notice below.

Rule Change (3)

Dates for the new shooting season are beginning to come in. All dates will be posted as soon as available.

Regina Wildlife Federation shoot dates are posted. Please note that there will be two more indoor matches this winter.

Governors Gala match results posted.

Items added to the for sale page.

A Dillon 450, set up for 45 colt. Cast bullets, a few other reloading items and a cartridge belt.







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