Upcoming 2023 CAS Events

Shoot Dates and Gun Shows


At ALL S.A.W.W.S. shooting and demonstration events qualified range officers will make every effort to adhere to SASS range operation and safety rules to maintain safety and consistency during our events.
“Club Level” or “Practice” shoot dates are provided here for information only.

There may be multiple shoots on any given day in various locations across the province.
We would like to promote your local range C.A.S. shooting events & practice shoots



No scheduled events


February 4th Regina indoor shoot Results

Congratulations to D.D. Freighter and Ry Shooter on a Clean Shoot


No scheduled events


April 1st Regina Shoot


May 7th Candle lake Shoot

May 27,28 Big Bang Shoot


June 3rd Regina Shoot

June 4th Candle Lake Shoot

June 3,4 Shootout in the Grizzly Bear Coulee


July 2nd Candle Lake Shoot

July 8th Regina Shoot

July 29,30 Legacy of GreyBeard


Aug 2-5 Sass Western Canada Finals

August 20th Candle Lake Shoot


Sept 2nd Regina Shoot

September 10th Candle Lake Shoot


October 7th Regina Shoot


November 4th Regina Shoot


December 2nd Regina Shoot

**Shoot Dates and times are subject to change. Check this website, or Facebook for date changes or cancellations

**S.A.W.W.S. does not endorse or regulate any club level shoots and will not accept any responsibility for incorrect information or practices. Club level shoots are hosted and operated by the host range. The host range sets all the rules and provides their own range officers and staff to operate the shoot according to local club rules, provincial and federal laws.

First time participants – Club level Practice matches happen each month at numerous locations around the province. If you are new to the sport of Cowboy Action Shooting, please come join us at: Candle lake Sportsman League, Regina Wildlife Federation, Garden Head Gun Club Tompkins(Gull Lake), or the Prince Albert Pistol and Rifle Club.

General Start Times: (always check registration for possible changes in schedule)

SMLC Club Shoots – Safety Meeting at 9:30 am, Match at 10:00 am

SMLC Provincial Shoots – Safety Meeting at 8:45, Match at 9:00 am

Garden Head (Tompkins) – Safety Meeting at 9:00 am, Match at 9:30 am

Regina – Safety Meeting at 9:45, Match at 10:00 am — Bring Lunch

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