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SAWWS President and Territorial Governor’s 2018 Report

Well another successful and rewarding season of Cowboy Action Shooting for SAWWS is complete.  As usual I’m writing this report much latter than I would have liked to. 2018 has been an extremely busy year for Granny and I shooting wise.  As usual SAWWS hosted 3 two day matches and is on track to do the same in 2019. So, saddle up and get ready to read about what happened in 2018 and what’s to come in 2019.

Before I get into that I’ve indicated at the Last Gasp and SASS Western Canadian Championships that this past is the last year that Granny and I will let our names stand as secretary treasurer and president of SAWWS.  It’s time for new blood to keep SAWWS growing and time for us to begin to back off a bit.  Granny says she will continue to help our where needed and I will continue to act as Territorial Governor, write stages and teach RO l and RO ll classes. If you would like to attend one of the courses or your club would like to host a course just contact me at and I’ll do my best to accommodate you.  

First off, the SAWWS Big Bang shoot in May was again a success.  Attendance was great despite the unpredictable spring weather 52 shooters registering.  The shoot theme was “Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer”.  All the stages were written about members of our shoot committees and SAWWS.  Participants had fun saving the day by making sure the trouble makers were brought to justice.  After 2 days of laughing, shooting and laughing some more top gun honors went to Short Fingered Bill and Prairie Storm.  Once again, the match went off without a hitch and everyone went home with big smiles on their face and a door prize.

I want to take a moment to thank Pete Heck one of the Saskatchewan CFO’s for stepping up and once again lobbying for us to be able to set our targets at the SASS recommended distances.  For the past 6 years Pete has worked with me to get the required permits to move the targets.  This year all I needed to do was submit the shoot dates and target distances and magically permits for the shoots appeared. 

This year the SAWWS Last Gasp theme was “Bonanza”.  This year’s we had 60shooters registered with guns a blazing to blast the bad guys.  The shoot theme was based on the old tv series Bonanza and while there is no historical accuracy it sure was fun.  The match was hotly contested and when the bullets stopped flying Too Dusty was the men’s overall champion with Prairie Storm taking the women’s championship.   As usual the match went off without a hitch and everyone went home with a door prize and fond memories.

Three days later SAWWS hosted the SASS Western Canadian Regional Championships.  This was our 6th SASS affiliated shoot here in Saskatchewan on the dedicated CAS range at SMLC.  With the lessons learned in from our past shoots our shoot committee spent countless hours organizing the “Shoot Out at Bounty Gulch”.  The theme of the shoot was “Canadian Gold Rushes” featuring Gold Rushes that took place across Canada in the 1800’s.  In doing the research for the stages I came to realize the tremendous contribution these determined men and women made while opening and building this great country.  As a result of their efforts to find gold they built towns and roads that survive today.

Before I talk about the shoot, I need to say a huge thanks to the members of the SMLC who as always were gracious hosts and worked their tails off to provide us with some first class meals that included lunches and suppers each day.   The other group I need to thank is all the members who stepped up to lighten my load as Match Director.  The fact that the shoot went off with absolutely no issues was as the result of all the help you gave Granny and I.

Again, shooters showed up in good numbers and prior to match day we had 70 plus shooters pre-registered.   Unfortunately, several shooters were unable to make the shoot due to family or medical related issues but the 59 folks who attended had a great time.  Over the course of the match we ran a RO II course, held side matches, banquets all three nights complete with cowboy poet Jason Hanley entertaining us on Thursday and a very successful saloon girl contest on Friday evening hosted by Doc Thompson and Sweet Dorcy.  This year the competition had two parts, a practical competition and as Doc described it preforming an unnatural act, which was shooting a double action revolver.  The practical portion contest was won by Montana Sky who literally won by a leg and the unnatural shooting act was won by Kanada Girl.  Then all the girls lined up and sold cigars and shots of your favorite beverages raising nearly $700.  Then all the saloon girls’ names were put into a draw with “Last Chance Lexi” winning a single action revolver sponsored by Pro Line Shooters in Calgary. 

The mainmatch was hotly contested and when the smoke cleared Talisker and Alberta Annietook home the 1st place buckles and this year thanks to thegenerosity of Billy Hyde we had plaques for or top 10 overall shooters.  Thanks to our generous sponsors we were ableto give everyone a door prize. Once again both our committee and SMLC got topmarks from the shooters for a well-run shoot with everyone vowing to returnnext year and bring a friend.

 In other news The Biggar club continues to offer monthly matches at the Bear Hills Range from May to September. The matches are generally held on a Saturday and they see their attendance growing with each match.  I think they had more than 30 shooters at most of the matches, for information on next years dates and range location contact Krosman Kid at

One of my favorite monthly shoots is hosted by Wolf Stenson at Candle Lake.  His shoots are topnotch with stages that are well thought out and filled with fun.  The stages are a good mixture of challenging yet hittable targets and if you like to start your stages with a line Wolf has some dandy’s.  The shoots all happen on Sundays and I’m sure that Wolf would be only too happy to see you there.  For more information contact  .

The Garden Head club hosted shoots this summer.  The first one happened on the May long weekend, June 19th & 20th as well as July 21st and 22nd.  Mad Dog and Little Wolf are two of the best hosts you can find, and a good time was had by all involved.  They have lots of room for camping, flush toilets and the range is always set up for practice so when you are planning your shoot schedule this winter please consider attending one of their shoots.  Oh, and by the way they also do some indoor CAS shoots during the winter, if you would like to get on his email list let Mad Dog know at

Dusty Driver along with Fat Bob 45 and crew hosted 3 one day matches in Regina at the Wildlife Federation Range near Pilot Butte averaging over 20 shooters per match.  In fact, the last three years they have scheduled a shoot the day before the Labour Day Classic between Regina and Winnipeg so if you want to attend a shoot and one of the most highly anticipated CFL games they may be able to help you out. Dusty Driver also told me that they are hoping to run at least one indoor match this winter so keep an eye on our web and Facebook.  For information on their shoots contact

The Prince Albert Club normally hosts their monthly matches on Sundays and at times Rooster has been known to supply lunch.  It’s best to check ahead though yah don’t want to go hungry.  For more information on the PA shoots contact Rooster at

Finally, there were two one-day shoots held at the Saskatoon Muzzle Loading Club.  Keep an eye on the SAWWS event page for information on the shoot dates for 2018.  Unfortunately, the snow was still to deep to accommodate the April shoot but the May and October shoots were well attended.  We will have the 2019 dates on the website as soon as they become available sometime in January

In 2019 SAWWS will once again be hosting three shoots, “Big Bang”, “Last Gasp” and the “SASS Western Canadian Regional Championships” at the Saskatoon Muzzle Loader Club’s dedicated CAS Range.  The dates and registration forms are out so stay tuned to our website and Facebook pages for news.  Also if anyone feels the urge to help out with the planning of any or all of our events or help man tables at the Collectors Show in the spring just send me an email at  

At the request of our membership the annual Christmas Party has been moved and renamed to the Territorial Governors Gala.  The new date is January 12rd, 2019 at the Western Development Museum in Saskatoon.  For details and to register contact Granny One Shot at   

I’d like to end by thanking the SAWWS Executive and the SASS shoot committee for all their hard work in ensuring that our sport thrives here in Saskatchewan.  They all work extremely hard behind the scenes to make sure the business of SAWWS happens.  What you see at our shoots is the results of their efforts, so I want to say thanks to each one of them for going above and beyond.  Lastly thank you to every cowboy/cowgirl shooter who came to a SAWWS event or a monthly shoot. You are the reason that our sport thrives without you there wouldn’t be a match for me to shoot at so from the bottom of my heart thanks.

So, to one and all have a very Merry Christmas and all the best in 2019.  See you all at the party or on the range this spring.

Grey Beard            

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