2017 President & TG Report

First off, I would like to start by thanking everyone who was involved in any way with the awarding of the Regulator Status that Granny One Shot and I received at the 2017 SASS Western Canadian Championships in Saskatoon.  And a special thanks to Prairie Storm for all her hard work putting together the application and seeing it through.  It is an honour Granny and I never anticipated that we would receive and truthfully, we would not have been recognized without the help of everyone in the cowboy action community.  You folks did the hard work that made this incredible honour possible, THANK YOU!!

Parts of this year were a surprise for me.  In addition to being surprised by regulator status, Diamond Dean Freighter contacted me in April a couple weeks before our AGM.  As everyone knows I had stepped down as president in 2016 due to medical problems and Diamond Dean stepped up and took on the presidency despite being relatively new to SAWWS and cowboy shooting.  Personally, I think he did a good job in a tough circumstance.  At any rate during our discussion I did agree to let my name stand as president and once again was elected, on the condition that it would be for no more than 2 years.  So, in all likelihood this will be the last year I let my name stand as president.  Granny and I need to start doing what other retired folks do plus spend more time with our grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Once again, the CAS clubs at Garden Head, Biggar, Candle Lake, Saskatoon and Prince Albert held regular shoots. Plus, a group of CAS shooters in Regina put on 2 shoots with the intent to expand that number in 2018.   

SAWWS held two 2-day shoots at the dedicated CAS range in Saskatoon.  The Big Bang May 27th & 28th had 51 registered shooters with stages based on Women of the West.  The overall winners were, menís Talisker and Ladies Prairie Storm. The Last Gasp had 60 registered shooters and was based on the new Magnificent Seven Movie.  The top shooters were Short Fingered Bill winning the menís side and Alberta Annie taking the honours for the Ladies. 

In Addition to the Big Bang and Last Gasp, SAWWS with assistance from the Saskatoon Muzzle Loader Club hosted the SASS Western Canadian Championships Shoot Out at Bounty Gulch August 9th, 10th, 11th & 12th on the dedicated CAS range there.  There were 69 registered shooters, however due to last minute cancellations only 58 shooters completed the match.  The week was filled with RO Courses, River Boat Cruise, Pot luck Supper, Ladies Shooting Clinic, Wild Bunch Match, Main Match, Side Matches along with nightly suppers and activities.

On the Monday there was an RO I course and Tuesday a River Boat Cruise down the South Saskatchewan for the folks arriving early.  Talk is next year there will be a supper option with the cruise held in the river boatís dining room.

The Wild Bunch Match held on Wednesday morning with Pepper Em in Lead winning the traditional side and Short Fingered Bill took top honours on the Modern side.  In the afternoon the Ladies took to the range with a shooting clinic hosted by Prairie Storm, Alberta Annie and Granny One Shot, by all accounts the ladies had a great time and learned tons of new techniques.  In the evening there was a pot luck supper hosted by Last Chance Lexi and Quick Spin Kid.

Thursday morning was an RO 2 course while the ladies had a Victorian Luncheon hosted by Dusty Dawn and Layla Langtree complete with a presentation on Victorian Fashion.  The afternoon was filled up with side matches. In the evening SMLC hosted a Steak Supper followed by a dance with the Lisle Dasheny and Company Band suppling the music.

On Friday the Main Match began followed by a Fried Chicken supper then presentation of SASS Regulator Badges to Granny One Shot and Grey Beard who were completely surprised.  Good job everyone for keeping the secret.  After the presentation there was a Saloon Girl Contest hosted by Doc Thompson.   This year the girls had to run an obstacle course to demonstrate their skills.  Prior to the evening contest the ladies all met at the range to preform an unnatural act which consisted of shooting a double action revolver.  All of the ladies who took part had their name entered for a draw won by Layla Langtree who received a shotgun as a prize.

Saturday was the conclusion of the Main Match followed by the Awards banquet and door prize draws in the evening.  The menís side of the main match was won by Talisker with Alberta Annie taking the ladies top spot.  Once again everyone received a door prize and I want to take a moment to thank our prize committee Prairie Storm and Anita Gun Now, along with everyone who contributed prizes. What a fantastic job they did once again. 

In addition, I would like to say a special thanks to Mad Dog and Little Wolfe owners/operators of Cactus Plains Ammunition for their continued support of our SAWWS/SASS shoots.  Over the past 9 Years they have contributed some where around 60,000 cast lead bullets to be given away as prizes.  Next time you are thinking of ordering bullets for CAS shooting I hope you think of them and give them a call.  

The Garden Head club hosted shoots on the May long weekend, June 17th & 18th as well as July 15th and 16th.  Bruce and Rhonda Martin are two of the best hosts you can find, and a good time was had by all involved.  When you are planning you shoot schedule this winter please consider attending one of their shoots.  Oh, and by the way they also do some indoor CAS shoots during the winter, if you would like to get on his email list let Bruce know at cactusplains@gmail.com.

The Biggar club continues to offer monthly matches at the Bear Hills Range from May to September.  The matches are generally held on a Saturday and they see their attendance growing with each match.  I think they had more than 30 shooters at most of the matches, for information on next years dates and range location contact Krosman Kid at krosmankid@myaccess.ca. 

Wolf Stenson from the Candle Lake club puts on monthly themed CAS shoots that are always a ton of fun with well written scenarios that generally include a line that fits the theme.  Wolf puts on a great match so if you are looking for something to do on a Sunday next summer contact Wolf at kengranberg1@gmail.com.

The Prince Albert Club normally hosts their monthly matches on Sundays and at times Rooster has been known to supply lunch.  Itís best to check ahead though yah donít want to go hungry.  For more information on the PA shoots contact Rooster at birdk@sasktel.net.

Dusty Driver and Fat Bob 45 have started hosting club matches in Regina at the Wildlife Federation Range near Pilot Butte.  This year they hosted two shoots with around 20 shooters attending the September match. They tell me next year they hope to have 3 matches so keep an eye out for their shoot information.  In fact, the last two years they have scheduled a shoot the day before the Labour Day Classic between Regina and Winnipeg so if you want to attend a shoot and one of the most highly anticipated CFL games they may be able to help you out. For information on their shoots contact ronhartt@myaccess.ca.

Finally, there were three one-day shoots held at the Saskatoon Muzzle Loading Club.  Keep an eye on the SAWWS event page for information on the shoot dates for 2018.  We will have the dates on the website for all the clubs as they become available sometime in January.

As far as SASS rule changes and clarifications the biggest change was the switch from Rank Points scoring to total time scoring for all SASS matches.  Other changes and clarification are posted on our Web page www.sawws.com in my 2016 Territorial Governors report and our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/SaskatchewanAssociationOfWildWestShooters/ www.facebook.com/SaskatchewanAssociationOfWildWestShooters/    

Another one of my roles is RO Instructor.  As such I typically run RO I and RO II courses through out the year.  If you would like to attend one of the courses or your club would like to host a course just contact me at chuckm@sasktel.net and Iíll do my best to accommodate you.   

Our membership base remains strong thanks to the hard work of our executive committee.  Despite that the SAWWS executive and Shoot Committee are always looking for new blood so if you if you would like to contribute in any way donít be afraid to let us know. 

Iíd like to end by thanking the SAWWS Executive and the SASS shoot committee for all their hard work in ensuring that our sport thrives here in Saskatchewan.  They all work extremely hard behind the scenes to make sure the business of SAWWS happens.  What you see at our shoots is the results of their efforts, so I want to say thanks to each one of them for going above and beyond.  Lastly thank you to every cowboy/cowgirl shooter who came to a SAWWS event or a monthly shoot. You are the reason that our sport thrives without you there wouldnít be a match for me to shoot at so from the bottom of my heart thanks.

See you all at the range next year.

Grey Beard


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