Roy Rogers and Me


In 1956, like all little boys,

I wanted to be a cowboy, like Roy


With cookies and kool-aid, an old dog by my side

With ‘maginery outlaws, and a sawhorse to ride


With Dad’s old hat, and a toy six-gun

Roy and Towser and I had fun


Then I rode with Roy on a work horse name Kate

She was faster than Trigger, with a smoother gait


Bareback and blinders, a-ploddin along

A barefoot kid, with a cowboy song


Her broad old back, my bare legs a-straddle

I thought I was sittin a silver saddle


With boots and spurs, and leather strings

And chaps and ropes and silver rings


I still ride under, the great western sky

An iron horse now, cause Kate, and dreams, die


But if I could change things, change time, and change fate

I’d come home, to the barn, on old grey Kate


Ken Granberg AKA Wolf


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