Presidents Report Winter 2012

Well now that 2012 has arrived itís time to start gearing up for a new year of shooting.  I hope all you cowboys and cowgirls had a very Merry Christmas and that Santa brought lots of guns and ammo.

The 2011 shooting year was another successful year seeing SAWWS continue to grow in both memberships and the number of shoots we hosted.  In addition to the 2 shoots SAWWS traditionally has run in partnership with the Saskatoon Muzzle Loader Club we also hosted two one day shoots at the Biggar Range and seen several new folks from the North Battleford area turn out.  Tentative plans are to look at expanding the number of shoots we are holding there.  Perhaps instead of a Sunday Shoot we could do a one day Saturday if that would work better for folks.

Another bit of exciting news is that after some discussion between some of the executive of the Saskatoon Muzzle Loader Club and SAWWS executive it sounds as though a dedicated Cowboy Range at SMLC may be a possibility in the near future.  Wouldnít it be something if we could set up our town there on a more permanent basis?   Both our spring and summer shoots were very successful with more and more out of province shooters attending and the comments about the SMLC range indicated how impressed they all were.  Our May shoot hosted over 40 shooters and the August shoot nearly 50 and the feedback regarding targets and scenarios from both was very positive. 

A number of SAWWS members attended the Canadians and SASS Regionals out in Rocky Mountain House.  A huge congratulations go out to Wild Boone for his Third place in Duelist and Wild Buffalo for his third place in Cowboy.  While we were there six of us completed the SASS RO 2 course.  Congrats to Grey Beard, Granny, Wild Boone, Wild Buffalo, Dr Pepper and Tumbleweed for successfully completing the training.  I started talking to Caribou Lefty the Black Badge for Canada along with Haweater Hal and Victoria Diamond about a plan to get us here in Saskatchewan to a point where we can run our own SASS sanctioned trainings.  I hope to have more to share at the AGM this spring.

That leads me to my next point.  Perhaps itís time we look at becoming affiliated with SASS.  I will be attending Winter Range at the end of February and hope to have an opportunity to discuss the benefits with some of the SASS folks while Iím there.  Something else to discuss at the AGM this spring.     

The shooting year ended with a SAWWS Christmas party at the Western Development Museum.  We had 28 members and spouses turn out in full costume for a great meal, gift exchange and a host of door prizes.  There were two other Christmas parties going on at the same time and folks kept popping in to our group to take pictures and ask questions.  While the food and fellowship were great the best part was being allowed to wander the museum at will.  As we walked around taking pictures I noticed that a number of folks from one of the other parties standing on the balcony overlooking Boom Town with cameras in hand snapping pictures as fast as they could.  As we packed up and got ready to leave, the staff of the museum stopped Granny and asked if we would rebook for next year because they had such a good time serving us. So watch for the website for a date and time, it will be back at the WDM likely the first or second Saturday of December.  Weíll get it posted as soon as we get confirmation of the date.  

Keep an eye on the website for updates and please give some thought to attending the AGM this spring to voice your opinions or better yet let your name stand for the executive.

Grey Beard  


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