SAWWS Presidents Report Spring 2011

Well it looks like winter is starting to loosen its grip and it wonít be long until the shooting season is in full swing.   Unfortunately it didnít leave soon enough and caused the cancellation of the first outdoor shoot of the year at PAPRC.  Once again the CAS clubs in PA, Candle Lake and Garden Head will be running a full complement of monthly shoots.  In addition the Meadow Lake club is planning to host a full-fledged shoot this summer.  You can contact Wild Boone at for more information on the time and date.    Rumor also has it that our members Snowcap and Steel House are planning a CAS demonstration at the Shellbrook club keep your eyes peeled on our website for more information on these two shoots.

The SAWWS annual general meeting was held on April 16, 2011 at the Saskatoon Muzzle Loader Club.  I want to thanks all of our members who showed up despite the weather and road conditions.  The input you all provided was invaluable.  I also want to thank outgoing members of the executive Ice Box Bob and Lefty Pardis for all the hard work they did over the years they sat on the executive.  Their contributions have helped SAWWS grow into a first class organization.   I also want to welcome Short Knife Johnson and Kernel MT Cartridge to the executive.  They have been very active over the years promoting SAWWS and will be a real asset to the club.

The 2011 executive is as follows

President: Grey Beard

Vice President: Short Knife Johnson

Treasurer: Granny Oakley

Secretary:  Ginger Lee

Range/equipment Officer:  Dapper Doc Thompson

Membership Chair: Wild Boone

Directors: Dr Pepper, Sven the Finnish Carpenter, Cowboy Slim and Kernel MT Cartridge

Much of the discussion at the AGM centered around our two major shoots held at the Saskatoon Muzzle Loader Club.  The stages are written and the props are built for the Big Bang May 30/31 which will have a theme of ďThe Battleford Territorial Prison BreakĒ.  Just a reminder that pre-registration is encouraged and as of today we are about 60% so if you are planning to attend get your registration in.  We can only accommodate a maximum of 75 shooters and when the spots are gone they are gone.   The theme of the Last Gasp shoot in August will be ďthe 310 to GrandoraĒ and we will have the shoot registration up in early June so watch the website.

Thanks to Kernel MT cartridge we now have a set of false fronts to add to our growing number of props.  Due to the limited amount of space at SMLC, that forced our members to make a tough choice at the AGM and reduce the number of stages per day from 6 down to 5.  The stage reduction will allow us to focus on side matches latter it the afternoon so in reality those who want to will be able to shoot more not less.

For the first time we will be modeling our shooting categories after SASS.  If you are unsure what category you want to shoot in feel free to contact me and Iíll be glad to help you sort it out.  Another thing we have put in place this year is around first time shooters.  While we welcome new shooters, the Big Bang and Last Gasp are not the place for a first time shooter.  Please attend at least one of the many club level shoots prior to these major shoots.  If thatís not possible we will set up some newcomers stages for folks to try CAS out on the Saturday afternoon once the stages have completed shooting.     

As usual you can look forward to a first class prize table, 50/50 draws and a great meal hosted by the SMLC.  If you or someone you know wants to donate a prize you can contact Dr Pepper at or Sven the Finnish Carpenter at and they will make arrangement s to pick it up.  The best part of our shoots is always the fellowship and camaraderie of the great folks who shoot CAS so donít be a stranger. 

See you at the range

Grey Beard





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