Presidents Report

Presidents Report - January 2010


As I look out the window at the snow in my back yard its hard to believe that in about 3 months we will be out on the range shooting again. With that in mind I would like everyone to know the executive of SAWWS is working behind the scenes to get every thing set up and ready for our upcoming season.  Its all the hard work they put in over the winter that make the shoots run smooth over the summer and I want to give each of them a pat on the back.


This winter SAWWS put on its first annual Xmas party complete with a wonderful potluck turkey supper.  A big thank you from all of us to Granny Oakley and Ginger Lee for the hard work they did to pull it off.  Thanks also go out to the approximately 20 folks who attended and brought food, everyone ate their fill and we had just a bit left over.  Between the brass bags Granny made for everyone and the gift exchange a great time was had by all.  The highlight of the night was a piece of cowboy poetry written and recited by Ken Granberg.  His poem entitled Roy Rogers and Me took me back to my time on the farm back in the mid 50s.  Im sure that I wasnt the only one in the room with a lump in my throat and a bit of moisture at the corner of my eye.  Here is the poem as he recited it.


We have confirmed some of the shoot dates and activities for 2010, we will be doing 2 shoots in Saskatoon again this year.  Other requests to help new clubs host shoots have been coming in so keep an eye on the web site for updates as they are confirmed.


Grey Beard


Roy Rogers and Me


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