Interview with Last Shot

  1. Who am I?


My name is Ramona (Mona) Stevens of Flin Flon, Manitoba.  My shooting alias is Last Shot.


  1. How I received my shooting alias!


I received my alias in Candle Lake, Sask.  I when to a shoot at Candle Lake with my husband and I wasnít intending on shooting.  However, I was talked into shooting that day and since I was the last to register and the last to shoot, Last Shot seemed appropriate.


  1. How I got started in Cowboy Action Shooting!


My husband had been shooting Cowboy Action for three years and Iíve been traveling with him to the shoots as a spectator and official photographer.  Last year (2007) we heard about the Candle Lake Club and being close to home, 3 to 4 hours away, we decided to check it out.  I was not prepared to shoot that day, but the other women who were shooting in Candle Lake encouraged me to give it a try and that was my first shoot.


  1. Does it cost a lot to get started into Cowboy Action Shooting


Yes, it can be expensive, so at first if you can it is best to borrow the necessary items and make sure that Cowboy Action Shooting is for you.  SASS sanctioned events requires the shooter to have two single action handguns, a rifle (must be of a handgun caliber), a shotgun and to be dressed in period clothing.  Then once youíre hooked thereís the traveling to and the accommodations at the different shoots, new outfits and well you get the picture. 


  1. What firearms do you use now?


My husband just purchased for me a 38 caliber Stallion handgun by Uberti, itís a Colt clone with a smaller grip, for a rifle he purchased me a Rossi Puma Carbine, 92 Winchester replica in 38-357 and a 20 gauge Stroeger double barrel coachgun. My husband also has a 38-357 Ruger Blackhawk that I can use until I get another Stallion. As for my ammunition my husband takes care off all my ammo needs.  He casts his own projectiles and loads according to CAS requirements.


  1. Where do you get your costumes and accessories?


I have been traveling with my husband to shoots and dressing up in costume for three years.  I have picked up costumes and accessories at shoots where vendor tents have been set up in Fort kusk Alberta, Cody Wyoming and Forsyth Montana, online stores, thrift shops and regular stores where authentic old west clothing is sold.


  1. What is your home range?


My home range if the Flin Flon, Handgun Club.


  1. What other ranges have you shot at?


The only club out side of Flin Flon that I have shot at is the Candle Lake Club.


  1. Where else have you traveled for Cowboy Action Events


I have visited clubs in Alberta, Montana and Wyoming.


  1. What other CAS activities have you been involved with?


When traveling to different shoots with my husband I have volunteered my time to help wherever help is needed.  Last year I assisted the caterers, who were short handed; serving all the hungry cowboys and cowgirls at the Canadian Championship banquet in Fort Kusk, Alberta.


  1. How does our association award event prizes?


We donít carry any events in Flin Flon. Flin Flon has to small an area to draw from so we try and practice lots and travel to other areas where Cowboy Action Shooting is more active.


  1. What is your opinion of Cowboy Action Shooting?


To quote Ginger Lee ďCAS is a great sport that combines shooting and socializing that can be enjoyed by anyone regardless of their skill level or experienceĒ.

Granny Oakley

Ginger Lee Kelley

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