Feb, 2010



Well, 2009 was an exiting and busy year for S.A.W.W.S. with shoots in Saskatoon, Prince Albert and Candle Lake, a demonstration shoot at the Battlefords range and gun show displays at Saskatoon, North Battleford and Martinsville.


The Last shoot of the 2009 season was held at the Prince Albert West (outdoor) range on Nov. 22nd. The weather was great and the shoot was well attended.


The mechanical problems we had with the targets at the 2009 Big Bang spring shoot in Saskatoon were redesigned and I am pleased to say that the 2009 Last Gasp August shoot in Saskatoon went off with no more than the usual amount of interference from range gremlins.


So far it looks like 2010 will be another year of “no fishing” for my Range Officers and myself. With the schedule we have booked so far it appears we have almost every weekend of the season booked for shoots, demonstration shoots, meet and greet events, gun shows and range officer training.


One of the highlights of 2009 was the recognition of S.A.W.W.S. from the R.C.M.P. Firearms Branch in issuing blanket firearms transport permits to some of our active S.A.W.W.S. members to attend shooting events in Alberta and British Colombia.


Once again our S.A.W.W.S. executive, range officers and members will make sure that there are firearms and ammunition available at the events for new shooters wishing to try out our sport.

Thanks to everyone for making this “the friendliest shooting sport” and carrying on our tradition of “the cowboy way”.


Without giving away too many secrets, some of the highlights of the S.A.W.W.S. 2010 season include;

A/ The introduction of the SASStm. Match management and scoring system all the seasons event scores and to be able to give the results at the completion of all events.

Thanks Mrs. Coyote

B/ The purchase of a heavy duty tandem axel flatbed trailer to move the steel targets and large props to the events. Thanks Wade Earp.

C/ The modification and repair of existing targets for reliable function. Thanks Evil Ian

D/ Wild Bill is operating the web site and doing a great job of getting our updates and event information on the web in a timely manor. Thanks Wild Bill.

E/ S.A.W.W.S. has received invitations to host shoots in Saskatoon, Biggar, Tisdale, Nipawin and Meadow Lake. Watch the events page for dates and I will post more information as I receive it.

F/ Your S.A.W.W.S. range officers will be hosting R.O. 1 range safety courses for the purpose of standardising range operating procedures for all wild west events.

With the addition of so many trained range officers at our events I know the level of our shooting events will continue to rise to the safest and best run shooting events seen anywhere.

Contact me or check the events page for dates and locations of r.o. courses.

Only a S.A.W.W.S. qualified range officer may operate a range at any S.A.W.W.S. event.  Thanks Snowcap.

G/ Cowboy Slim (Saskatoon) and Snowcap (Prince Albert) have informed me that Saskatoon and Prince Albert clubs are manufacturing more steel targets for their ranges and S.A.W.W.S. events.

H/ Some big news.

To follow closer to SASStm. Guidelines some of our S.A.W.W.S. targets and stages will be set up “big and close” making them a little easier to see for people like me and a real hoot to watch with the fast shooters.


Watch the web site for updates on range locations, condition and events.



The S.A.W.W.S. annual general meeting will be held on April 17th. At 1:00 pm at the S.M.L.C. range clubhouse. The directions are on the range location page.

Get out and have your say on the direction that S.A.W.W.S. will attempt to go this year.

If you can’t be bothered to get out to vote and have your say don’t come crying to me that you never had a chance to be heard.


It’s going to be a great year and I look forward to seeing all my friends old and new.


Good Shooting,

Dapper Doc Thompson C.R.O.


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